Both of these fiberglass car bodies were made by Bradley Automotive, which was based in Minnesota in the 1980's. 

They are both designed to mount on a standard V.W. bettle pan (frame), and use the stock V.W. engine, transaxle, and suspension.

The Bradley G/T II body is mounted to an IRS (independent rear suspension) chassis.  The chassis is in A1 condition.  It has had new floor pans welded in and then it was painted gloss black.The transaxle is a 5 speed out of a Porsche 914.  The 1800 cc Porsche 914 motor is included along with a dual carberator setup (minus linkage).  I also have a full custom header exhaust system including muffler that I will include.  The motor turns over freely by hand, however I have not tried to start the motor.

The GTII body is the original red gel coat finish, but needs to be redone as it sat outside in the sun for years.  The kit includes the main body, the roof section, both doors, both headlight covers, the engine cover, the gas tank cover, the rear bumper, and the dash.

The roof section has not been bolted to the body, the doors have not been drilled for hinges or latches, or custom cut to fit the opening after the roof is installed, so you don't have to worry about fixing someone elses mistake. They are just sitting in place for the photos. The engine cover has not been drilled for hinges, it too is just sitting on the body for the photos. There are a few minor flaws in the body that will need some minor fiberglass or body filler repairs, but again these are minor.

The rims are the turbine aluminum mags that were sold as an option through Bradley.  They bolt directly to the VW suspension with no adaptors required.

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The Bradley GT body shown below includes the lower body, the roof (shown upside down in the body for transportation purposes), both headlight covers, and the engine cover.

This was at one time mounted to a VW chassis, but has since been removed.

I do not have a chassis for this body, but I do have a complete 1300cc single port VW motor that has been rebuilt and repainted.   I bought this as a used and have not tried to start it.  It does turn over freely by hand.

I also have a complete ball joint front suspension and a complete swing arm rear suspension with a 4 speed transaxle that will go with the body.

This GT body can also be bolted directly to the chasis the GTII above is on if you wanted to have a Porsche powered GT.

Either way you choose, with some time and work you can have a completed Porsche powered Bradley GT or GTII, and still have 80% of the parts to finish the other, plus have some parts you could sell

All the additional parts needed to complete the GT are still made today
and available through:

Sun-Ray Products
8017 Ranchers Road
Minneapolis, MN 44532
(612) 780-0774

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I also have a lot of new and used V.W. motor parts which include single port heads, dual port heads, starters, alternators, generators, oil coolers, cooling tin, and a chrome intake that will go with the above bodies.

I need to sell all of these above items as a package deal.  If you are only interested in part of the package, perhaps you can find someone else who wants the rest and work it out with him or her.

Now what you all have been waiting for – the price. I quickly added the receipts I could find for some of the major items I mentioned above.  I can’t believe how quickly they add up.  I probably paid too much for some of them, but Bradley fever will do that to you. As with any kit car – completed or not – I realize I will not get back what I paid out, nor do I expect to. I am just looking to recoup a percentage of my investment.

I will let the whole package go to the first person that comes along with $1500.00 cash.

I am located in central Connecticut, minutes from exit 20 off Interstate 84.

If you have any questions, or need additional information, feel free to email me by clicking here.


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